Stillwater Meadow features a beautiful chapel whose design, stained glass mosaic windows, antique bronze bell, and antique pews are a nod to Irish ancestry. The reception hall boasts a second story loft, guest seating for 250 comfortably, and includes handmade wooden tables with a warm finish. Both of the climate controlled buildings reflect the trendy imagination of their owners to create a modern rustic style. Each building’s magnificence blends beautifully with the earthy, natural surroundings of this gorgeous, private venue.

Stillwater Meadow also has a uniquely decorated farmhouse at the front of the property that may be used as the Bridal Quarters. The bridal house is equipped with three bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a sitting parlor, mirrored salon, and a catering kitchen as well as a large porch on the front and back of the house for when you need a moment away from the crowd, or some quiet time to stargaze over the peaceful lake.

There is a 1907 barn structure on the property with original stone floors that has been re-purposed as a climate controlled Groom’s Retreat. It is perfectly redesigned with a patio and a bar area. Its relaxing atmosphere allows for camaraderie and reflection away from the guests before the nuptials and the celebration begins.

This glorious venue is complete with a tranquil meadow, mature live oak trees (including a “Blessing Tree”), hanging lights and a vintage row boat for the lake that makes the most picturesque backdrop you have ever seen!

Stillwater Meadow is easily accessible to the entire metroplex, conveniently located just off Interstate 20 in Aledo, TX, on Historic Bankhead Highway. It offers a one-of -a-kind experience for your wedding or special event. We are also featured on TheKnot.com. Call to schedule a tour of our property.